In the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia Restaurant Repairs and Refrigeration is the clear leader, with a long history of being the go-to solution for restaurant owners that want the best for their business. To meet the high demands of local restauranteurs, we've created the perfect mix of top shelf customer service and outstanding workmanship.


Based in Waynesboro and with offices spread out across the Shenandoah Valley, our list of restaurant customers runs the gamut from small, independent fast food shops to luxury dining options and franchise locations for national and global brands. For each client, Virginia Restaurant Repairs and Refrigeration is a trusted partner for the following services:

  • Restaurant appliance repairs
  • HVAC and plumbing services
  • Emergency restaurant services
  • Appliance sales and installations

Even though our clients may occupy very different sectors of the restaurant industry, the desire for consistent quality is a common theme and one that we answer on every visit and consultation. Running a restaurant should be about creating a positive experience for diners and our restaurant repair services make sure that local owners are focused on this goal rather than constantly tending to ineffective equipment.


When you choose Virginia Restaurant Repairs and Refrigeration to provide a service for your restaurant, you're taking the first step towards a relationship that will last as long as you're a restaurant owner. In much the same way that you would select a Waynesboro meat provider based on quality and reliability, the same can be said about the upkeep of your restaurant and appliances. Here are just a few components of the Virginia Restaurant Repairs and Refrigeration difference:

  • A Higher Level of Service: The restaurant industry is complex, but the combined experience of our staff means that we've seen nearly every possible restaurant problem and know how to solve them effectively. We understand that a walk-in freezer going down is more than just a technical issue - it can render your restaurant inoperable. As such, your priorities are our priorities and we'll do everything in our power to deliver a quality fix quickly.
  • Unparalleled Knowledge: Because we've been in business for many years, you can rest assured that we know what we're doing. In addition to an impressive restaurant repair history, our technicians also go through regular training to learn about the newest developments in restaurant appliance technology and most recent model releases.
  • Consistent Professionalism: Regardless of whether we're doing a complete overhaul of your plumbing system or simply installing a new convection oven, our demeanor will also be professional and we'll be happy to give you our advise or let you know if we see potential problems with your current setup. Our professionalism extends to follow up calls to make sure our service was nothing short of exceptional.
  • The Right Price: While other Waynesboro restaurant service providers may try to sneak in hidden charges to the final bill, we'll always be completely upfront about our pricing, letting you know exactly how much each service will cost before we get started, clearly separating parts, labor, and any other applicable charges to create a fully transparent bill when the job is done.

If you've tried other restaurant repair companies in the Shenandoah Valley only to be dissatisfied with their service, maybe it's time to upgrade to a reliable, high quality solution. You can contact Virginia Restaurant Repairs and Refrigeration online, by email, or just give us a call and we'll show you why we are the most trusted Waynesboro restaurant service provider.



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